Test Valley Turners
The March 2011 meeting saw the launch of the new equipment purchased with the grant from HIWCF.  Club members, partners and invited guests were treated to demonstrations by Stuart Mortimer and Les Thorne, and enjoyed refreshments provided by the club, carrot cakes from Andrea and chocolate cake from Matt’s fiancée Barbara
During the meeting members selected 6 pieces from the gallery to form the club’s entry to Forest of Bere’s inter club gallery challenge - in which Test Valley were subsequently victorious
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launch 004w.jpg launch 005w.jpg launch 013w.jpg launch 008w.jpg launch 006w.jpg FoB challenge w.jpg

Stuart making a trademark goblet with twisted stem

...and the 25 minute goblet!!

Les part way into a textured, scorched and coloured bowl

A superb gallery, from which the audience selected the FoB entry

And the pièce de résistance, from Barbara

And finally, the winning display at Forest of Bere (with a wayward finial on Matt’s hollow form)